Our Philosophy

Dr. Catherine Lee Orthodontics has a special interest in pediatric dentistry  to orthognathics (dento-facial orthopedics and surgical orthodontics), helping to create beautiful faces as well as beautiful smiles. We focus on crafting healthy smiles that function and feel as good as they look. We begin with the foundation of your smile – your bones, jaw position, and teeth – and build from there.

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We have a strong focus on growing children. As recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists for many years, we believe in early intervention. By utilizing a child's natural growth to correct structural issues, many children have benefited from early interceptive treatment. As a result, the subsequent orthodontic treatment usually becomes easier, less invasive and more comfortable. We also strive to establish a stable, functional bite that ensures your smile and face will remain handsome for a lifetime.

Our practice features open communication, personalized treatment planning and care. At Dr. Catherine Lee Orthodontics, we have a dedicated team of doctors and staff whose skills and experiences help our patients enjoy the process of creating healthier, beautiful smiles. All of our care-givers attend continuous education courses to ensure that

you and your children receive good standard of orthodontic care. When we're not in the office, we're usually in the classroom, learning innovative new ways to ensure a happier and healthier smile.

We normally work very closely with your family dentist. We strongly encourage you to visit your family dentist regularly to have your teeth cleaned and checked so that your other dental needs are not forgotten, especially if you are wearing braces. We are committed to bringing you quality specialist care.

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