Teenagers (Phase II)

Treatment for Teenagers (Phase II orthodontic treatment)

Orthodontics is both an exacting science and a demanding art. We strive to establish a stable, functional bite for teenagers to ensure their good smile and face will last a lifetime.

Do you know…


  • Having straight teeth does not necessarily mean you have a good bite or occlusion?


  • Orthodontic treatment can change the shape of your face and affect you smile?


A good, well-fitted functional bite, or occlusion, will ensure your teeth will last a lifetime. It's easy to have your teeth straightened; it requires more experience and skills to get your straight teeth to fit the bite and to improve your overall facial balance. Orthodontic treatment begins with the foundation of your smile – your bones, jaw position, and teeth. This is how a good smile can last forever. Good orthodontic care is an investment that lasts a lifetime.

Braces need not hurt to work properly. As experts in the field of orthodontics, we have the experience, skills and technology to help achieve the smile of your dreams quickly and comfortably.

We also believe that wearing braces should be a healthy, happy experience! You and your child can choose braces that are silver, tooth-colored or crystal clear, and accessorize them with a rainbow of colors. We offer dozens of brilliant colors to brighten your smile, so that you will enjoy smiling with your braces on!

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